Software to share media, screen, control and data cross devices


An Airplay Mirroring Receiver and Recorder

AirCast is an wireless mirroring and streaming receiver and recorder for airplay. Similar to Apple TV, it allows you to cast anything from iPhone/iPad/MacOS to your big computer screen in realtime. You can also use it to record the mirroring and streaming content with simply one click.


AirCast SDK

Enable AirCast's capabilities in customized softwares & embedded devices

The functionalities in SDK include airplay receiver, miracast source/sink and other media components. SDK has been adapted to Windows, Mac and Android. And there are also serveral tested ARM chips for embedded devices, eg. RockChip, AmLogic and AllWin.
We only accept customized project for AirCast SDK in current. Welcome to write to us for inquiry.

About Us

We create software to share things among devices

Almost everyone has multiple computing devices today. They are more and more powerful. But it's not easy to share things among these devices. We want to build software/application to help share things cross different devices in an easy way. These cases include: screen sharing, remote accessing, media streaming, data exchange and etc.