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What's D2DShare AirCast?

AirCast is an wireless mirroring and streaming receiver client. It works for airplay in current, which means you can share screen, picture or media content from iPhone/iPad/MacOS to AirCast by airplay. You can also use it to record the received content with simply one click.

Aircast runs on Windows, Mac OSX and Android.

System Requirements to run AirCast

Comptiable devices that support casting to AirCast

Quick Start

How to install and run?

  1. Download for free.

  2. It's easy to install: for windows portable version, just unzip it to a directory; otherwise, double click to start the install process.

  3. Run AirCast. the 'start UI' as below.

aircast start UI

Note: the 'start UI' actually illustrates how to start AirPlay mirroring on iOS devices. The receiver name displays on the UI dynamically( marked in red rectangle)

How to mirror iOS device to AirCast?

On your iOS device, swipe up from the bottom of the screen to bring up Control Center, then you will see similar UI as the aircast 'start UI'. Select the same receiver name which indicated on 'start UI'. Voila.

Note: No extra app is required to install on your iOS device. AirPlay mirroring is a build-in feature on these devices.

How to record?

Move mouse to the top part of AirCast, trigger the control bar as sceenshot.


The record button is enabled while there is a connected AirPlay session. Click record button, recording duration indicator will display On the UI top-right part. Recording starts.
You can stop recording session mannually by clicking the record button. Recording session can also stop automatically while AirPlay mirroring session stopped.
The recording results are generated immediately once the session stopped. You can find out or configure where the recording result is stored via 'Save to' item in the record page of setting dialog.

How to do setting?

Open the setting dialog by clicking setting button on control bar.


Setting options will become effective in the next AirPlay session.

Licensing and Purchases

How to buy?

Visit our online store. We will send your the license text by email after the payment finished.

You could also contact us directly to purchase or inquire.

Where to input license text?

Go to 'Setting dialog->about page'.

How to recover my license text?

Write to us with your order's information.

What about activation failure and why?

One license text can be corresponding to one or multiple installation permission(s) on your computers. After you enter the valid license text, software starts to activate the license online. The activation may fail if the license information can't match the activation amount or other factors.
Once activation failed, the license on this computer will cease to be effective.

I am interested with AirCast SDK, how to do?

We only accept customized project for AirCast SDK in current. If you are interested, welcome to write to us for inquiry.

Tips & Tricks

What's the meanings of these UI elements?


The meanings of the red signs in upper figure are correspondingly:

  1. Connected iOS devices information

  2. Recording duration indicator

  3. Frame lag indicator, a turtle symbol, which means the computer is under performance. When the turtle become red from yellow, the delay becomes very serious

  4. Indicate that audio sessoin exists.

Choose the proper setting options

Default setting is OK for most cases. There are several options which can be noted:

What's the media format of recording file?

The media format is h.264 baseline video, aac-lc audio and mp4 container. And no other media format choice in current.

What's the naming rule of recording file?

The file name consists of three parts: prefix 'as_', middle part is the start timing and postfix can be '_a', '_v' or '_av', which means respectively only audio, only video and both audio and video in the media file. eg, 'as_170920202057_av.mp4'


Can't find or connect to AirCast

Try to take below steps:

The video/audio is lag and discontinuous

Most likely that your computer's capability is insufficient or the CPU occupation rate is too high. This often occurs while recording with software encoder. You can change some setting options and try again.